Jarman Rosenthal (Heiko Obermoller) A German entrepreneur with business dealings in the States, Jarman Rosenthal pops up in L.A.

                                                        sporadically to tend to certain undisclosed ventures. His debonair, James Bond looks do not match his

                                                        awkward personality. Not much more is known about mysterious businessman Jarman Rosenthal.

Ziggy Silvatz (Michael Lee Gogin) A world famous photographer and little person, Ziggy Silvatz gained stardom from, and is known for

                                                        his “upshots”. Fame and power have definitely gone to Ziggy’s head. With the pomp and circumstance of

                                                        a Karl Lagerfield, Ziggy’s gait well exceeds his height. Refusing to believe he has anger management

                                                        issues, Ziggy just believes everyone around him is an incompetent fool, justly deserving of his


Zoe Trappe (Sarah Bessade) A young French belle whom once had it all, Zoe Trappe at the age of 26, is a cracked vase. Having come to

                                                        Los Angeles to attend university, upon graduation Zoe married her college sweetheart and started a

                                                        successful match making service, Scent of Love. Catering to the rich and famous, Zoe became the toast

                                                        of the town. Zoe was living a picturesque life...love, money, and fame. When her husband left her for

                                                        someone he reconnected with on facebook, and three sets of high profile celebrity couples, which Scent

                                                        of Love matched, hit the skids badly, Zoe’s dream life came crashing down to reality.

Dr. Greg Gerber (Gary Bley) Owner/Operator of Gerber Labs, Dr. Gerber once worked as a chief testing analyst at the world’s most

                                                        respected consumer-testing corporation. After he was released from duty for “inappropriate behavior”,

                                                        Gerber decided to open his own testing facility. Gerber Labs stands as a thrift consumer testing business,

                                                        where testing fees are cut in half, and where products, which have been declined for approval by other

                                                        authorities, come for a second chance at life.

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